Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Oakland, CA

A fire is a maddening incident which every property owner or a renter prays not to go through. Water Damage Oakland provides fire damage repair and smoke damage repair services which they will restore your property to look fresh, clean and beautiful as it was before the damage. Our employees go the extra mile to take extra precautions to prevent future fires from happening. If your home or office has gone through any size fire accident, Water Damage Oakland can assist you with your fire damage repair and smoke damage services at an inexpensive cost. We understand the trauma people go through when they undergo a fire and want to relive them from their problems by restoring their property.

Once a fire has been extinguished there are a few basic restoration steps you can take in order to limit the existing damage and avoid the additional damages. Call Water Damage Oakland for an effective and timely response with our fire damage repair and smoke damage services.

Steps you can take in the mean while our team reaches your site:
• Open all doors and windows to let the surplus smoke, fumes and smell go outside the structure.
• Replace the air filter on your HVAC unit.
• Do not operate any electrical appliance that is affected by the fire.
• We suggest you to completely avoid operating electronics because even a partially burnt wire or appliance can create life threatening risks.
• Avoid any contact to the surfaces such as walls, woodwork, carpets or upholstery; body oils can cause further, even everlasting damage to them.
• Do not try to clean or wash the walls, carpets or other items. It must be done by a professional under supervision of experts to avoid added smoke and soot damage.

Our fire damage repair and smoke damage restoration experts will assess the damage and restore your property by cleaning, drying, removing stains and odors, sanitizing and mold testing. After completing your full restoration process we’ll get in touch with the insurance carriers and handle your insurance claim and billing. We are committed to restore your damaged property as smoothly and rapidly as possible without much hassle to you.

Few of our signature services that are unparallel in the industry:
• Ultrasonic contents cleaning
• Electronics reclamation using ODEL technology
• Sodium Bicarbonate Abrasive Resurfacing
• Ozone treatments
• Digital inventory and pack-out
• Abrasive Resurfacing
• Photo Inventory for Personal Contents

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Smoke & Fire Damage
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Removal
  • Property Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Full Interior Home Renovations
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